BSC Contract Address: 0xDc49d53330317cBc6924fA53042e0C9bCa0A8d63


How many Dogedi Tokens should I hold in order to get rewards?

You need at least 200B OF DOGEDI TOKEN

How often are rewards distributed?

The reward arrives every Hour

Are Rewards in BNB?

Yes, rewards are paid in BEP20 BNB

When Stacking?

We are currently implementing this feature. Proper support is to be given by our team to every Dogedi holder in maximizing your rewards.

How much can you earn a day with 200B holding?

It depends on the Sell/Buy Volumes averaged on a 24 hours trading period.

Do we have future plans for CEX listing?

Yes, we do.

Is the Deathstar protocol implemented every day at least once?

No, Deathstar is strategically deployed not on a daily basis

Who to contact for Marketing?

For proposals, the email is