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treasure hunt


the feat of ten heroes uncovered an ancient relic

of a bygone age

So ten Dogedi Knights have solved the Mystery, their name will be remembered by the whole galaxy.

the name are:











we will airdrop the prize on air once double check is over, don't worry.

the solution of the treasure hunt

The vile Tentodias was hidden in a place of BLUE sky and where BIRD always sings, you can find his Twitter account here

the scoundrel was smart he covered his tracks well but he boasted challenging our knight with arrogance, as you can see in the post he left some traces

If you look closely the image has a link in the left corner

this link

here you will find a message from the thief !!!

He was so cheeky, he hid a link in the text this link

and he also told the password

"the answer is simple …"

simple was the password

So our Dogedi KNight backed him down and after a short fight brought him to justice!

But the stolen Dogedi Token wasn't the only thing found in the thieves' hoard, an artifact from a bygone age was found.

We want to present you with joy The FiRST CARD

of the dogedi card game

"the well of the bork"

This is a work in progress, but we want you to take part in our W.I.P. We hope you are pleased by the news.

Dogedi Token
Dogedi Token

Happy first month dogedi order:

Thank you all, and forward in the LEGEND