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Devs Team Fully Doxx? Yes, more that that!

What does this exactly mean?

Many users mistakenly think that the fact the developers of any project show their faces in video, pictures etc then everything is OK and you can move forward….. sorry but nope! Showing face doesn´t mean they are honest devs and will not harm the project in a thousand possible ways (please keep that in mind at all times and save yourself from troubles).

Our Devs team is 100% KYC with SolidProof, a top notch certification company under the European laws and regulations.

This means that SolidProof has all the required documents, physical addresses, passports and any other forms of ID in regards to the Devs of the DOGEDI Project. (Of course, we do not want any holder to have our passports or physical addresses even for the security of their own holdings and we are sure every one will understand that).

On top of that SolidProof monitors all activities within the team wallets 24/7 and would inmediately report to authorities the very first second any willingly harm to the project is detected.

dogedi is safu!

solid proof kyc